Free College Planning Publications

A comprehensive college planning guide for parents of K-8 students, topics include supporting your child's aspirations, academic considerations, financial aid, college savings and much more.

View a .pdf of the planning guide here.

It is never too early to begin to plan for college. This workbook uses the metaphor of a journey to weave stories and exercises appropriate for a 5th grade audience. Workbook topics include: celebrity college graduates, linking favorite classes to college majors, motivational stories and more.

View a .pdf of the publication here.

An interactive coloring book featuring the mascots of the undergraduate campuses of the NH College & University Council.

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Four (4) non-toxic crayons for use with the New Hampshire Goes to College Coloring Book.

View the crayons here.

View a .pdf of the bookmark here.

View a .pdf of the poster here.

College planning guide with information about college interviews, NCAA regulations, career exploration, college admissions criteria and applying for financial aid.

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Helpful guide filled with information on applying for financial aid, FAFSA filing tips, and funding options.

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A guide designed to provide information about the NCAA, the NCAA Eligibility Center, and tips for promoting the talent of students planning to pursue athletics at the collegiate level.

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This flyer describes the free services and products offered through The NHHEAF Network Center for College Planning.

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A college planning guide for prospective graduate students including information on choosing the right program, the admissions process and financing options.

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A guide for adults looking to return to school to begin or complete a degree. The guide explores programs available, how to manage time as a student education benefits and more.

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Remind your seniors and their parents to file the student's FAFSA with this colorful poster!

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View a .pdf of the resource here.

View a .pdf of the magnet here.

View a .pdf of the magnet here.

A guide to understanding your financial aid award letter. You have received your financial aid package. Now what? What do all of those numbers mean?

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