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The goal of the “I am College Bound” campaign is to provide New Hampshire high school students with the inspiration, information and planning support to pursue higher education goals. The Center for College Planning team especially encourages low-income students, their parents and their mentors to recognize that New Hampshire campuses and the U.S. Department of Education offer strong financial aid programs which enable eligible individuals to access financial assistance in paying for education beyond high school. To inform, engage and grow public awareness about financial aid programs, students are incentivized to share content with friends and peers within their networks through monthly promotions.

What's the November I Am College Bound Promo?

Show Some Personality with Your College Essay!

As you take a few minutes to indulge in your Halloween candy, you may be thinking about how your college application deadlines are rapidly approaching! For those of you still working on making the final adjustments to your application components, is there one component giving you some concern? Sometimes the most difficult aspect of your college application might be writing that 650-word college essay. While writing the college essay may seem overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming, it’s important to remember it’s also very manageable!

You might wonder if the essay is all that important? Each college may weigh aspects of the application package differently, but in very few cases will you be accepted or rejected based solely on your college essay. Take a deep breath and relax - the essay is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the college’s admissions team, to show your personality, and to provide insight on why you would be a good fit for the school’s community. For some applicants, the essay becomes a more important component when grades and/or SAT or ACT scores may not be as strong as they could be.

So where do you start? More than 800 colleges across the United States use the Common Application (CommonApp) as a standard application. Part of this application is a college essay, and the Common App provides you with seven possible essay prompts. Read the prompts carefully, thinking about how you could thoroughly answer the prompt, while best helping admissions officers to get to know YOU and your personality.

If you are applying to a college that does not require or use the Common App, check their admissions application for their school-specific prompts. We've seen questions ranging from “Who is your hero?” to “Where do you see yourself in five years?” The trick is to find a question you can write about with passion and again, shows your personality.

Remember when writing your essay, it’s your time to be unique and creative. When writing your essay, don’t just recount a specific story, reflect on it. Telling a good story is the mark of a great creative writing assignment, but reflecting on what you have learned or how you have changed or grown from that story is the mark of a great college admission essay. It’s the time to let your personality show. For helpful tips on writing your essay, click here.

If you are still working through the college admissions or financial aid process and need assistance, the Center of College Planning (CCP) is here to help! Call today to make a FREE 60-minute appointment with one of our college counselors at 888.747.2382, ext. 119.

November’s I Am College Bound Promo:

Question: What was the most popular Common App essay prompt of the 2017-2018 application year (through January 5, 2018)? (Hint: Click here for helpful information to answer this question!)

  • Share an essay on any topic of your choice.
  • Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.
  • Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

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