Professional Development Opportunities

Throughout the academic year, the Center for College Planning (CCP) offers a variety of school counselor trainings. To register for a training, please call 888.747.2382, x119 or click here.

School Counselor Workshops

College 101

College 101: A Workshop for the New School Counselor offers a behind-the-scenes look at the college process. A panel of seasoned school counselors and expert college admissions professionals offer guidance and support to school counselors new to the profession. Topics of discussion include the role of the school counselor in the college process, the campus visit, the college essay, letters of recommendation, the application process, what colleges are looking for in an admissions candidate, and more. Lunch is provided. This training will be held Friday, February 7, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our Concord campus.

Admissions 201: The Admissions Evolution

Let’s face it. The college admissions process is constantly changing. Evolving professional structures and expectations, changing demographics, trending majors, changing technology and the impact of social media, shifting recruitment strategies, and buzzwords such as ‘demonstrated interest’, ‘SAT optional schools’, and ‘full need colleges’ impact admissions professionals, school counselors, parents and students. Join us for an engaging discussion with admissions professionals from both public and private universities to address these changes and get advice on how to best counsel your students in the ever-shifting college process.

School Counseling 201: Letters of Recommendation & College Essays

Writing a “standout” letter of recommendation or college essay means you and your students need to know WHAT colleges are looking for and what they are NOT looking for. The CCP has designed a program for both school counselors and English teachers to explore strategies for helping your students to pick a strong college essay topic, avoid the ‘pitfalls’ of a bad college essay, as well as some tips for writing an impactful letter of recommendation. Learn from an expert panel of college admission representatives about trends in college essay topic choices, tips for helping students rise above the pack, and strategies for using the letter of recommendation to “fill in the blanks” of your students’ applications.

Creating Effective High School Profiles and Transcripts

Whether an academic record is being reviewed by a college admission professional or a scholarship organization, the high school transcript and profile should provide the reviewer with comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand academic information about the student. What should you include – or not include – on your school’s profile? What is the best way to highlight your school’s uniqueness? What information does an admission office wish every high school would clearly outline on a student’s transcript? Join us for a lively panel discussion with experienced high school counselors and admissions professionals and learn the ins and outs of creating and updating these essential documents.

College Boot Camp for Professionals: Letters of Recommendation & College Essays

Writing a “standout” letter of recommendation or college essay means you and your students need to know what colleges are looking for and what they are not looking for. This summer workshop is designed for school counselors and English and writing teachers and will explore strategies for helping your students to pick a strong college essay topic, avoid the ‘pitfalls’ of a bad college essay, and offers tips on writing an impactful letter of recommendation. Our experienced college counselors will use “real-life” examples to discuss recent trends in college essay topic choice and will offer tips for helping your students rise above the pack. Come join us for a day of interactive learning.

NCAA 101: Information for School Counselors

Participating in college athletics; it is the dream of many of high school students. But how can a school counselor help them to achieve their goal? Join us as a compliance officer shares valuable information regarding the NCAA Eligibility Center (what it is, who needs to register, when a student should be registered), identifying the approved courses at your high school, how to identify student athletes at your school to ensure they are taking the required coursework, the ins and outs of official vs. unofficial college visits and which schools students should be targeting in each of these categories, and more.

Financial Aid Workshop

Join us for our Financial Aid Workshop for School Counselors. This workshop provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the financial aid process, the role of the school counselor, resources for students and families and updates to the process. From 9 to 11 a.m., we invite new school counselors to join us for an introduction to financial aid where we will cover the different types of financial aid, necessary application forms, scholarship opportunities, special circumstances, and general funding options. At 11 a.m., we invite experienced counselors to join us for the latest updates to the FAFSA, FSA ID, IRS DRT, and more. After lunch, a panel of financial aid counselors will share their expertise regarding topics such as special circumstances, dependency/dependency overrides, and undocumented students. They will help to demystify the many FAFSA and financial aid myths school counselors and staff may encounter. Lunch is provided.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Training

In this workshop, experts from college nursing programs in New Hampshire will speak to the use of the TEAS test in their admission process and what school counselors need to know to advise their students interested in these programs. Learn when and where students can take the exam, how students can prepare themselves for the test, how often they can repeat the exam, how this exam is used in college admission, and more in this two hour workshop.

College for Students With Learning Differences and Youth-In-Transition

This workshop begins with a panel of college disability services staff as they discuss how students with accommodations, adaptations and/or modifications made through an IEP or 504 plan can successfully transition to college. Topics of discussion include the differences between high school and college accommodations, the role of the school counselor in the college process, when and how a student should apply for college accommodations, a student’s role in the process, and more. A second panel of experts shares how to assist youth-in-transition (unaccompanied/homeless and foster youth) on their path to college. Learn strategies and tips to help students effectively transition, which state programs and funds are available to help these student populations, how to collaborate with case workers to help students reach their college goals, and how financial aid applications are completed for these populations.

North Country School Counselor Training

K-12 school counselors from across the North Country are invited to join colleagues for our annual training day, held at White Mountains Community College in Berlin, NH. This training is scheduled to be held Friday, May 22, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Middle School Counselor Workshop

The Workshop for the Middle School Counselor is for the new or seasoned counselor who is interested in learning more about the resources available through the Center for College Planning. In this workshop, we will review our downloadable curriculum created for middle school counselors to present in their schools. We will also introduce our early awareness website,, and review our Early College Planning evening presentation for parents.