About the NH Student Debt Study

Granite State Management & Resources (GSM&R), one of the nonprofit NHHEAF Network Organizations, a nationally recognized student loan servicing provider, is pleased to support the release of PolEcon Research's new report, Why Is Student Debt So High In New Hampshire? (And What Can We Do About It). GSM&R's funding for this report is consistent with its decades-long history of sharing expertise and resources to help improve New Hampshire residents' access to higher education. Ultimately, GSM&R is hopeful that this report is the impetus for further conversation about how the State of New Hampshire, its campuses, businesses, legislators and residents can work together to focus on creative and practical solutions to address the factors that contribute to New Hampshire's especially high levels of student loan debt. Reducing the costs and debt burden for individuals to obtain a college education is critical to increasing New Hampshire's full participation in the knowledge economy. GSM&R welcomes readers to consider incremental approaches that reflect the complex interdependence between New Hampshire citizens, campuses and the modern workforce.

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NH Student Debt Study Prepared by Brian Gottlob, Principal at PolEcon Research

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